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December 8, 2015 AsktheBuilder Newsletter

What's that old saying?

Don't let grass grow under your feet.

It means don't waste time or dilly dally.

I think you can say none is growing under my feet, especially after the Sunday eBlast I sent out to you.

Remember the vegan woman who didn't like me telling you about the juicy and delicious turkey Kathy made on Thanksgiving?

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Well, I want to thank you for responding to me. I was swamped all day Sunday with your response.

The result is now AsktheBuilder.com has an official


Yes, you can complain, gritch, grouse, protest, grumble, whine, cavil, bellyache to me about anything!

From now on, I'm going to give you plenty to vent about. Who knows, you may become famous! Wink, wink.....

Oh, ladies - and gentlemen cooks too - I'm going to have the two brine recipes for you on Friday. You may have been one asking me to stop teasing you.

Just you wait to see how juicy the brining makes the turkey! Yummy!

Oh, one important thing. One subscriber reached out on Sunday and said I need to put my Amazon Shopping link FRONT AND CENTER each issue.

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Yesterday I contacted my editor at the Spokesman Review. That's the newspaper in Spokane, WA.

I'm getting RECORD replies to my Defective Shingles survey from people who read that paper.

If your asphalt shingles are #FAILING, you need to complete that survey ASAP.

On Friday, I'm conducting a LIVE CHAT that will be on their website. I don't have any other details just yet.

I'm working with the Spokesman Review IT people in the next 48 hours to work it all out. You'll be able to JOIN IN once I share the URL with you and the time.

You'll be able to ask questions about roofing, hiring roofing contractors, etc.

WATCH for more news as soon as I get it about this live online event.

Disposable Caulks

Kathy, my wife, asked me a question last night about these products.

She saw someone on TV talking about them and wanted to know the truth.

You need to READ the STORY. CLICK HERE.



UpThere Update

I shared with you a new website and project that my son-in-law is working on last issue.

I'm taping a video today about one aspect of it.

The video is about the UpThere Camera.

This can help you if you, and a group of friends, co-workers, relatives, etc. are attending an event together.

Let's say you go to the annual Builders Show. It's massive. It's impossible for you to go to every booth.

But if you have friends going to the show, or co-workers, you can split up and go visit different booths.

How cool would it be that EVERY TIME you take a photo with your smart phone of a new product, that photo is automagically uploaded to UpThere (the cloud) and ALL PHOTOS taken by all your friends who are at the show and running UpThere on their phones get uploaded to the same folder?

All the photos are in one location for you, or anyone in the "Loop" to see.

Imagine how you can use this with a home improvement project, or other family event where multiple people are taking photos of the SAME THING / EVENT.

Here's a SECRET LINK you can use to join the FREE BETA so you can play with this exciting new technology.

Settlement CRACKS - Truth or Myth?

I just wrote a column yesterday that touches on this subject.

I URGE you to READ IT. I guarantee you'll discover something you didn't know.

MYSTERY LINK! Click here and discover something about your KITCHEN SINK you had no clue about! I DARE YOU!!


That's enough for today.

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Tim Carter
Founder - www.AsktheBuilder.com

Do It Right, Not Over!


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