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Deck Refinishing Nightmare

I rebuilt my cedar deck and made the mistake of using a Big Box store's Premium Semi Transparent Stain. Looked great the first season, but after a single winter, it began peeling. I attempted to save it by touching it up but after winter #2. The finish was beyond saving, and I had to bite the bullet and sand it off. I used Sikens to refinish and it came out great.

Moral of the story - use a real oil stain, not a film type product.

Jack Miller

Photo Credit: Jack Miller

Jack Miller's Deck
Before Sanding
Jack Miller's Deck
Sanding Completed
Jack Miller's Deck
After Restaining


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  1. Tim,
    Which Sikkens product did you use? There are several made for decks. How long has it been down? THEY all look pretty good the first six months, and then, bam, the sun and wet weather causes deterioration.

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