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Delta Faucet Showroom Video

Hi, I'm Tim Carter and I am at the Delta / Brizo Showroom at the Merchandise Mart in Chicago, IL. I am with Kelly Litton the manager of this facility.

Kelly states that this is the Flagship showroom for Delta Faucet Company. This showroom was built in May of this year. They figured Chicago was centrally located for the United States and close to their main facility in Indianapolis. And it is also at the Merchandise Mart which is an awesome center for people to come in, design and work on different things for the home.

One of the nice things about putting a showroom in a place like this is we are very urban. We are in the middle of downtown Chicago. Delta is concentrating on urban penetration. This will help us get the word out about the products we have in the big cities.

This is a beautiful showroom. Lets check out some products. In this showroom everything works. So you can definitely work all the systems. It only has cold water so testing the shower might be a little chilly.

One of the shower installs has a push button screen to turn on and off the various features. So testing the Delta faucets in real time is possible.

One of the things Delta is famous for is their innovative technology. Delta has had touch faucets for many years in the kitchen. This year they have added bathroom touch faucets. These faucets operate by simply touching it.

Now they are gone a step further. You don't have to touch the faucet. By just bringing your hand within about 4-inches of the faucet, it will turn on. As long as your hands are within that range, the faucet stays on. Remove your hands and it turns off. Great if you want to just wet your toothbrush. Bring it in close, the water comes on and wets your brush. When you remove it to brush your teeth, the water turns off.

Kelly indicates that this makes it convenient to get water when you need it and germ-free since you don't actually touch the fixture. Plus you don't have to clean it as often because you haven't touched it.

Tim also visited the Delta and Brizo Faucet Showroom in August 2010.


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