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DeWALT D55154 Air Compressor

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DeWALT D55154 Air Compressor

This is the business end of the DeWALT D55154 Air Compressor. It's caveman simple to operate. Check the oil level in the back, plug it in and get to work!

DeWALT D55154 Air Compressor - It's a Dandy

I've had quite a few portable air compressors in my time. My first one was a wretched sound machine gasoline-powered one. It was heavy and its engine drove you crazy after a few hours.

Ever since then I've always had an electric compressor as even on job sites, you almost always have power available without having to use a generator.

This DeWALT D55154 Air Compressor can easily power two large pneumatic air tools and not strain. I loved how compact it was and it's really not that heavy. I could lift it up into my truck with very little strain.

DeWALT D55154 Air Compressor gauges

These are the two gauges. The one monitors the pressure in the tanks. The other one tells you how much pressure is going out to your tools.

DeWALT D55154 Air Compressor quick connects

You can connect two air hoses to the compressor. You just push the end of the hose into the brass fitting to make an air-tight connection.

DeWALT D55154 Air Compressor left side

You can see the sturdy pipe frame.


DeWALT D55154 Air Compressor cylinder

This is the cylinder that compresses the air. The aluminum casing contains the lubricating oil. Always check the oil level before operating. The dipstick that was shipped attached to the power cord goes into the top where you see the flat red cap that is holding in the oil that was put in at the factory. Note that it tells you the oil type to use and how much to add once you drain the oil out. It's wise to change the oil once it appears the slightest bit dirty. READ the manual about the time of the first oil change!!!

DeWALT D55154 Air Compressor with handle

This handy handle comes with the compressor. It's well balanced and you'll feel like you could wheel this through an airport concourse with ease.

DeWALT D55154 Air Compressor drain plug

This is the all-important drain plug. You MUST drain the water from the tanks after each use to prevent internal rust.

DeWALT D55154 Air Compressor power cord

This is where the power cord stows.

DeWALT D55154 Air Compressor label

Here's the specs. You'll not regret putting in a 20-amp circuit in your garage as this draws 14 amps!

DeWALT D55154 Air Compressor tire

I don't think you need to keep a spare tire around. But you can see the tire size. They inflate with ease.



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