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DeWALT Saw Stand Tips Video

Hi, I'm Tim Carter and I want to talk about a really great saw stand. This is a tool accessory that you would use to mount a miter box saw, or really any type saw. Frequently, a carpenter would use a saw stand out in the field, in your driveway or anywhere they need to set up a saw. The stand is extremely helpful in keeping the saw stable and assists when cutting long lengths of wood.

This DeWalt Saw Stand is one of the best engineered tool accessories I have seen. If you knew how saws were setup in the old days, before saw stands like this, you would understand how great this is.

The stand is made of aluminum with folding legs. The saw stand has slotted rails for mounting the compound miter box saw and bolting it in place. It includes a bolt kit that will allow mounting of just about any saw. The mounting brackets can moved right and left on the saw stand to position your saw where you want it.

A great feature of this saw stand are the end supports. They slide in and out and are adjustable over a long distance. The end plate on the end supports is the proper height to match the table height of the saw. This keeps the lumber nice and lever as it is being cut. The end supports also provide a positive stop so you can repeat cutting lumber to the same length without measuring each piece.

Extending the end supports on both sides of the saw stand, allows cutting long pieces of lumber with the lumber fully supported.

Once you remove the saw from the stand, the legs collapse and fold down. There is a handle under the stand for ease of carrying it. The DeWALT 7232 Saw Stand is a remarkable tool accessory. And I highly recommend it.

You can see that these saw stands are great tools. You want to get one if your project calls for cutting a lot of lumber with a miter box saw. It provides a stable platform for your saw. Beats the upside-down garbage cans or stacks of lumber to hold the saw in the good old-days.


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