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Diagonal Bracing Prevents Building Collapse

Buildings collapse for many reasons, but who would ever think a pesky thunderstorm could cause it to happen?

If you're remodeling your home and REMOVE plywood or OSB sheathing on the walls, you could be asking for trouble.

Diagonal bracing on houses PREVENTS the walls from racking and folding down on themselves.

You need to nail OSB and plywood properly to make your walls rigid. You can use let-in metal bracing too.

NEVER underestimate the enormous pressure wind puts on the side of your home. 

"Tim, that apartment building collapse was about 30 minutes away from my office, just the other side of Raleigh, NC.


We had incredible straight line winds come through on Saturday during that storm.  The local airport (RDU) recorded their highest wind gust EVER at 86.3mph during that storm.  The airport is only a few miles away from that apartment complex in the Brier Creek development, so I'm sure they had similar winds there.
And it came up FAST.  The storm was moving at 65 mph, so it was literally here in an instant!  It was quite scary, as there were numerous tornado warnings, and extreme winds along the entire line of storms. Jeremy Wren - Wren Home Improvements, Inc.

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