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Diamonds and home improvement have much in common. At first blush, you may not think so. But there are hundreds, actually thousands, of instances where a diamond wedding ring or a diamond engagement ring has disappeared behind a wall, slipped into a floor crack, dropped into a sink or worst of all, been flushed down a toilet.

Talk to a seasoned plumber and my guess is he will tell you a few stories about successful treasure hunts where he has found a diamond or two. The hardest diamonds to recover are ones that have gone down a primary drainpipe. The water flow from a toilet flush can easily carry a diamond ring out to a sewer line. But if it ever happens to you, immediately call a plumber who has a camera scope he can send down the drain line. If the toilet was flushed just once and no other water goes down the plumbing drains before the plumber arrives, the diamond ring might still be in the drain line, and can be recovered.

I have a personal interest in diamonds because of my geology degree. A diamond is simply a mineral that we mine for its gemstone quality. There are plentiful deposits of diamonds in the world, and the supply that is released annually is tightly controlled. This low supply boosts the price of this gemstone.

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