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Dickies Sanded Flex Coveralls

dickies flex coveralls
My Dickies Flex Coveralls are keeping me warm and dry working in Downeast Maine on a frigid winter morning! Copyright 2018 Tim Carter

Dickies Sanded Flex Coveralls - Warm & Dry

I had the good fortune to have a pair of Dickies Sanded Flex Coveralls on while I was overseeing the construction of my daughter's home in Downeast Maine in late December, 2018.

Coveralls are a great way to stay warm. Here are the other reasons why I prefer to wear them:

  • easy to put on or take off
  • easy to access pockets of normal pants under the coveralls
  • eliminate wind chill
You wear normal clothes under the coveralls. They cover all your clothes. Pretty clever name, right? Copyright 2018 Tim Carter

What are the Dickies zippers like?

There are three zippers for the Dickies Flex Coveralls. One at the bottom of each leg so the calf portion opens wide allowing you to put the coveralls on with boots on.

The third zipper is the main one on the front. It is extra long allowing you access to your belt buckle on your pants and anything below that. This main zipper is also long enough so you can take the coveralls off easily.

It's hard to see the detail since the coveralls are black, but there are two chest pockets with snaps and there are two rear pockets. You also have smaller side pockets on each side. My only suggestion would be to make these side pockets deeper.

How is the Sizing?

Overall you want to order a size bigger than what you'd normally wear. I wear large shirts so I ordered an XL set of coveralls.

The inseam is the tough part. They come in just a few lengths and I ordered the shortest one. I estimate the small length is actually an inseam of about 34 inches. My normal inseam on pants is 29 inches. I had to get giant pins and roll up the legs about 4 inches so they wouldn't drag.

Do They Have Strech Cuffs?

Yes, the sleeves have an inner elastic cuff that keeps out wind. This is a nice feature.

Is the Collar Soft?

Yes, the collar is very soft and can be flipped up. If you want to keep your neck really warm, get the Dickies accessory hood that has a long felt neck cover that fits down inside the coveralls.


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  1. We wish you and your family a very Happy Christmas.
    I enjoy reading your newsletter and the great pragmatic advice and tips.
    May God Bless you and your family with a New year filled with Good Health, Joy, Peace and Prosperity

  2. Tim, In 2001 when flight 587 crashed in Belle Harbor Queens I responded with the Salvation Army (SATERN), froze my ash off that night, the next day I went to Work & Gear and bought insulated coveralls for the next cold weather disaster, they are great.
    Jeff N2HPO

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