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Dimmer Switches Manufacturers

Dimmer Switches Manufacturers

As I was conducting the research for the dimmer control column, I stumbled across some fantastic products made by one of the dimmer manufacturers - Lutron Electronics. The founder of Lutron was instrumental in developing the first electronic dimmer over 40 years ago. I would say that they have a grasp of the dimmer field to say the very least.

I have never been a fan of certain dimmer switches. Many of us can remember the plunger / rotating dial switch. You would push a fat knob in and out to turn the switch on and off and then rotate the fat knob to control the intensity of the light. I hated that switch!

I prefer to have the same look and feel in my home. If all of my other switches are the standard narrow toggle on and off switch, why isn't the dimmer? Lutron figured it out. They created a sleek dimmer switch that fits in the same space as a standard on/off toggle switch! This cool dimmer even has pinpoint LEDs to show you the level of light intensity, as if your eyes can't tell!

Some people have the large paddle type Decora® switches. Lutron makes a matching dimmer with a small slider to control light intensity.

They also make a similar design that has a rocker switch which controls the light intensity. This dimmer has the LED indicator as well.

The ultimate dimmer is the remote control one. Ten people I know immediately come to mind who should have this control switch. Had it been available, I am quite sure it would have been used in a James Bond movie. What a great device to lower the light level when you might be preoccupied.

Lutron also makes a point-of-use dimmer for a table or floor lamp. Keep in mind that other dimmer manufacturers have similar devices! Shop around to see if there is a perfect dimmer for you.

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