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Dishwasher Tips Over

Jackie wrote to me:

"I have a dishwasher that is not secure in its spot.  If I pull both trays out at the same time it almost tips over.  While I had a plumber here for something else I had him look at it and he said it needed to be secured with screws into the granite and he wouldn't touch it.    Apparently that was never done when it was installed.  I'm afraid to fix it myself for fear I will use the wrong size screw and crack the granite.  Will I need to have a professional granite company come out and take care of it or will someone who installs appliances be able to handle it?"

Jackie, yes, the original installer goofed up. There are normally two small tabs with holes in them at the front top edge of the dishwasher chassis.

Screws need to be placed through the tabs into the underside of the countertop.

To ensure the granite top is not damaged, it's best to hire a company that builds and fabricates granite tops to install the tiny pieces of hardware that will accept the screws. They need to be placed with epoxy into the granite.

Back in 2010, there was a major dishwasher recall. Check and see if you have on the recalled washers.


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