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DIY Wood Rot Treatment

DIY Wood Rot Treatment TIPS

  • Old wood-hulled sailing ships needed treatment to sail fast
  • Copper plating was used on ships
  • Use liquid copper for DIY treatment - SEE PRODUCT BELOW
  • Cut off end of lumber and stand it up in bucket of liquid like Christmas tree
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If you want a great DIY treatment product to prevent wood rot you just have to think back to your high school chemistry or history class.

I know, that's hard, but let's have a little fun.

Old Ironsides & The Cutty Sark

Two hundred years ago ships were the fastest way to travel great distances. Christopher Columbus and other early explorers sailed across the deep blue seas in wood ships.

Businessmen soon discovered they could make lots of money bringing new products like tea and spices back to their countries. They used clipper ships like the historic Cutty Sark and Thermopylae to allow them to ply their wares back in Europe.

Old Ironsides or the USS Constitution needed to be protected so she could sail fast in the water. 

The issue is that organic growth on the wood hulls below the water line would slow the ships in the water. These barnacles could be prevented if the ships had copper plating attached to the hulls.

Accidental Discovery

No doubt at some point hundreds of years ago someone place a piece of copper onto a piece of wood. They then put it into some water for whatever reason. After a while stuff grew on the wood in the water, but the copper plate had no growth on it. Eureka!

This person was the first to notice that copper is a natural biocide. Organic things like wood rot fungi, termites, carpenter ants, algae, moss, etc. do not like copper. They think it's a poison. 

This is why modern treated lumber contains COPPER. The copper is dissolved in water and the solution is injected into the lumber in pressure cylinders. The pressure forces the liquid deep into the wood.

DIY Treatment

You can treat lumber of any species with copper. It comes in a solution your brush onto the wood.

copper treatment

Here's an excellent oil-based DIY copper liquid you can use to treat your own lumber. CLICK THE IMAGE NOW TO HAVE IT DELIVERED TO YOUR HOME.

To get it to soak up into the inside of the wood since you don't have a pressure vessel, you can put the liquid into a bucket and stand up the ends of the lumber much like you might a Christmas tree in water in your home.

It's important to cut off about an inch of the wood to expose fresh end grain for this to work. Some lumber is sealed at the lumber mill with paint or a clear liquid to prevent water from getting into the end of the lumber.

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