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Dog House Jewelry Commercials

These two videos were a very clever way to market jewelry by J.C. Penny.

Be sure to watch both. I was sent to the dog house to fold laundry the second year I was married.

I thought a clothes hamper was a great gift idea for Christmas instead of using a plastic basket.

"Stupid stupid stupid!"

Video #1 - Watch this one first:

Watch this one next:


13 Responses to Dog House Jewelry Commercials

  1. OUTRAGIOUSLY FUNNY!... to damn bad it is TRUE!! We have a tiny poodle... who does not like to share her dog house with me....

  2. the problem is that I would be happy with a hammer drill for Christmas. I like usable practical gifts but he likes to buy me earnings and stuff that I would not buy for myself. Gotta love him.

  3. Sexist, sexist, sexist. Is that all women are good for is receiving baubles (a la JC Penney)? My wife loves crafts, books, technology, and other intellectual pursuits. Wouldn't know where to put another ornament.

    • David,

      I think you completely missed what Donnie said starting at 1:28 in the video. You better go back and watch it again and turn up the volume.

      And you do realize this was a web commercial for JC Penny to sell *jewelry*, right?????

  4. I did listen carefully, again. My reaction was to the cultural stereotypes reinforced by the retail jewelry industry, which give many men the impression that women's interests gravitate toward the less cognitive.

    • David,

      Heavy sigh...... Uh, what about the women that LOVE jewelry? I think you're being very offensive to the WOMEN that are SMART - most of them - that happen to LIKE jewelry.

      I'm pretty certain it's a very large industry and there's a reason for this.

      I also think you probably have some of Julius Caesar's blood in you - "Divide and conquer!"

      You may want to get one of those saliva kits from ancestry.com.


      And you may want to think twice about layering your ideology and thoughts across the entire spectrum of women and men.

      I also think you should have your humor meter checked. Something tells me it's out of calibration.

      • Tim, I'm one of those weird women who would prefer something much more intellectual or practical than jewelry, but I still thought the doghouse videos were clever and very funny. Thanks for sharing them with us.

        • Sandy,

          You're not weird at all!!! My wife HATES jewelry. Maggie, one of my newsletter subscribers, replied to me that she loves tools and her husband is smart enough to give her those on special occasions or just to be nice.

          Everyone likes different things and my guess is there are some that might want a hand-carved doll, but I can't think of who that might be right now.

          Thanks for commenting!

  5. My wife doesn't like a lot of jewelry but loved the videos. Thanks for the laughs, Tim, now get back to building the daughter's home

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