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Dog House Jewelry Commercials

These two videos were a very clever way to market jewelry by J.C. Penny.

Be sure to watch both. I was sent to the dog house to fold laundry the second year I was married.

I thought a clothes hamper was a great gift idea for Christmas instead of using a plastic basket.

"Stupid stupid stupid!"

Video #1 - Watch this one first:

Watch this one next:


4 Responses to Dog House Jewelry Commercials

  1. OUTRAGIOUSLY FUNNY!... to damn bad it is TRUE!! We have a tiny poodle... who does not like to share her dog house with me....

  2. the problem is that I would be happy with a hammer drill for Christmas. I like usable practical gifts but he likes to buy me earnings and stuff that I would not buy for myself. Gotta love him.

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