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Door Hinges Video

Do you have a door that closes by itself? Or will not stay open? Well, those problems are easy to diagnose and solve. Start at the top hinge. Check that the screws are tight. Tighten them a half turn or a full turn. That may all that is required to solve your problem.

If that does not solve the problem, look at the middle screw on the jamb side of the top hinge. Remove that screw and replace it with a longer (about 2") screw. This will pull the hinge back into the rough lumber behind the door jamb.

If the door does not close properly, the hinge may not be recessed deep enough in the wood. Remove the hinge and gently remove some of the wood from the door jamb. Use a wood chisel or a razor knife to remove the wood.

What about that door that closes on its own? Remove the hinge pin and strike it with a hammer to put a mild bend in it. Put it back in the door hinge. This increased friction will keep the door open. Start with the middle pin. If that does not work, try it on all three hinge pins. That should provide enough resistance to keep the door open.

Remember, solving door problems is easy. Just look at all the parts and work on each section until the door problem is solved.


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