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Door Painting Video

If you want pro results when painting a four or six panel door, you can not just start painting. There are certain steps to follow for those professional results. There is a particular order to paint the door.

Start with the inside of the panels. Use a special primer on bare wood to properly seal the wood pores. This will even out the gloss of the finish coat. Be sure to get down into all the corners.

A four panel door has eleven major components - the raised panels, top style, middle rail, middle style, another rail, a bottom style and two outside rails. When painting the rails, allow some of the paint to overlap the style. But, immediately, brush the paint on the style parallel with the wood grain.

The final brush strokes should be on the end rails. Avoiding getting paint on the painted areas. Be sure all the brush strokes match the direction of the wood grain, and you will have a beautiful paint job.


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