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Draw Plumbing Plans

draw plumbing plans

I'm a master plumber and I can draw plumbing plans like this one in 20 minutes. It shows the fixtures in a bathroom that's being added to an existing home. The solid lines carry water and waste. The dashed lines only carry air and some condensation water. CLICK HERE if you want me to draw your plumbing plans. (C) Copyright 2017 Tim Carter - Master Plumber

Draw Plumbing Plans  Using Years of Experience

You have to draw plumbing plans if you want your plumbing system to go in with no surprises. I've been a master plumber for almost forty years now and know how invaluable a great set of plans is to have on the job site.

I can draw plumbing plans for your new home or remodel. I love making drawings like you see above for an entire house! Watch this video that shows all you get with my Draw Plumbing Plans package:

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CLICK HERE to have Tim Carter draw your drain and vent line plans for your home or remodel job.

Pipe Sizes for Plumbing Plans

It's important to realize pipe sizes must be correct to avoid clogs. Certain fixtures require minimum pipe sizes.

As an illustration, showers need to have a 2-inch drain pipe.

Residential toilets require a minimum 3-inch drain pipe.

Fixture Units Add Up

Another key point is that plumbing drain pipes can only handle so much water flow.

Engineering studies determined many years ago the average amount of water discharged in X seconds by common plumbing fixtures.

These common fixtures in a house are:

  • toilets
  • kitchen sinks
  • vanity sinks
  • tubs
  • shower stalls
  • washing machines
  • floor drains

The first thing to remember as you draw plumbing plans is to keep track of the fixture units so you know when to upsize to the next larger drain line.

Lots Of Hidden Vent Lines

Watch the following video I shot in the winter of 2015 in central New Hampshire. Pay close attention to the pipe sizes and the direction of some of the fittings.

CLICK HERE to have Tim Carter draw your drain and vent line plans for your home or remodel job.


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