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Drill Press Video

A drill press provides a solid table for drilling straight holes. The drill press table is adjustable for the size of the part being drilled. Some tables will tilt to get that hole at the proper angle. A drill press vise is available for holding those smaller parts.

Most drill presses offer several chuck speeds with the use of belts and pulleys. Open the top, change the belt from one size pulley to another, and you change get the proper drilling speed for the material being drilled.

Other features include a safety switch key, which can be removed to prevent the drill from being accidentally turned on while you are changing drill bits or adjusting the material. Many drill presses allow the handle to be switched from the right side to the left for south-paws out there. A built-in light helps you see your mark.

A drill press is a must for every do-it-yourself home workshop.


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