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Drilling Holes for PVC Pipe Fittings Video

Here is a tip to remember when drilling holes for PVC pipe fittings. If your job requires that a PVC fitting be partial inside a stud, be sure to drill the right size hole. In a prior job, Tim was working with 1-1/2" PVC, so he knew that he needed to drill a 2-1/8" diameter hole for the pipe. But he soon discovered a little problem.

Looking at the sample holes, the PVC pipe fitting hub will not fit into a 2-1/8" diameter hole. It is large than the opening. Instead of having to spend time enlarging the hole you just drilled, be sure to drill a 2-9/16" diameter hole. This size will accommodate the PVC pipe fitting hub.

So before you start drilling holes in your studs for your plumbing project, think it through. Figure out if any fittings will be inside studs. If so, drill the right hole, the first time.


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  1. A 2 and 9/16" hole in the 3.5" wide stud shown would be over the 60% max stud drill out allowed in most builders code from what I've gathered. Any thoughts? Seems like maybe a stud shoe should be used as well here.

  2. This is a good tip to avoid making more work for yourself. This is one of those jobs that require you to plan before you act. You want to avoid doing things that cause you to back track and waste time. I appreciate finding these things online so that I don't have to discover them for myself! Thanks for sharing!

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