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Drywall Decorating Tips

Drywall Decorating Tips

Always, always use a specialized primer/sealer for new drywall work. As long as you have finished and sanded the drywall properly, these paints will ensure that you achieve the highest quality finish in direct or downlighting situations.

If you are going to wallpaper your drywall, be sure to apply a second coat of a semi-gloss acrylic enamel paint. Tint this paint the exact color of the background of the wallpaper. In the event a seam opens between two pieces of paper, it will probably not show.

The extra coat of paint will also help you in the event you decide to remove the wallpaper. Some wallpaper adhesives are so strong that when removing the wallpaper, they take the paper face off of the drywall as well! If this occurs, it is virtually impossible to repair. Take the time to apply the second coat of paint.

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