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Dust Mask Manufacturers

Dust Mask Manufacturers

There are many different types of dust masks. This is due to the many different dust and vapor conditions that may exist in a construction site. Before purchasing a dust mask, try to anticipate all future needs. Consider purchasing a dust mask that will filter a wide range of particle sizes. Think of the uses you may have for the mask in the future.

Some masks are disposable, while others have cleanable or replaceable filters. Disposable dust masks may work for you if you feel that you only need them for a small period of time. Dust masks with replaceable filters are generally designed for long term continual usage. They also are usually constructed so that you get a much tighter fit around your nose and mouth. Obviously, a tight and comfortable fit is important.

Be sure that the mask you purchase will filter the dust particles which you will be subjected to. Not all masks filter the same size particles effectively. The manufacturer can usually provide you with this data upon request. Don't hesitate to request this information if you are dealing with hazardous dust particles such as asbestos or lead.

Some masks will filter dust and harmful vapors. These masks can be used while spray painting or applying products which generate harmful fumes. These masks are also very specific. Make sure that the mask you purchase will filter the fumes you will be confronted with.

  • Direct Safety Company

  • Moldex

  • Survivair

  • Louis M. Gerson Inc.
  • 3M



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