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DXV Fitzgerald Sink Remodel

DXV Fitzgerald Sink - A New Sink Perfect for Restoration Work

Here's the DXV Fitzgerald sink after it was installed. Look below to see how incredible the transformation was. This magnificent period sink was perfect for the ongoing restoration of an early 1900s Craftsman house in southern California owned by one of my best friends. Copyright 2019 Tim Carter

My very good friends Russ and Ann live in a stunning early 1900s Craftsman home in southern California. Russ grew up in the house and he and his wife Ann love each and every inch of it. I've stayed there countless times and look forward to each upcoming visit.

Russ loves old things and is doing painstaking work to restore the house to its original look and feel. Back in the 1970s his mom and dad remodeled the first-floor bathroom installing the latest trend at that time - a stylish wood vanity and a cultured-marble top. The original pedestal sink and faucet were ripped out and taken to a landfill.

This is the first-floor bathroom before work began. At some point in the past, the stunning stained woodwork was painted. Ann spent countless hours stripping the layers of paint to bring it back to its original look. Copyright 2019 Tim Carter
After removing the wretched wood vanity, Russ and Ann discovered they needed to update the failing galvanized iron drain line and water pipes. The plaster suffered as a result. The plaster under the board with the towel was re-attached to the wood lath using a spray foam. Pressure was applied with the horizontal board until the foam cured. Ann watched a few of Kirk Giordano's plaster repair videos on YouTube and completed the entire patch herself never having done plaster work before. She did a magnificent job. Copyright 2019 Tim Carter
Isn't this DXV Fitzgerald sink breathtaking? When you install a period American Standard faucet with the sink, you'd fool all but a few experts into thinking it was original with the house. I love the slightly rounded platform under the center of the faucet. What do you think? Type a comment below.
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Copyright 2019 Tim Carter
Admit it now. If you were about to wash your hands at this Fitzgerald sink you'd think it was 100+ years old. Isn't the faucet stunning?
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Behold the sleek shape and lines of the DXV Fitzgerald pedestal. Didn't Ann do a spectacular job on the plaster patch? CLICK HERE to have the Fitzgerald sink delivered to your doorstep. Copyright 2019 Tim Carter
I think you can see why Russ and Ann chose to use the Fitzgerald sink. They both feel it adds tremendous value to their home. It also makes them feel happy each time they look at it and use it. Ann intends to do some faux painting on the walls. I'll add those photos when available. CLICK HERE to have this Fitzgerald sink delivered to your home in days. It comes in white or a soft biscuit color.
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DXV Fitzgerald Sink
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5 Responses to DXV Fitzgerald Sink Remodel

  1. I love the refinished woodwork and the pedestal sink but the last picture with the mis-matched color switches, receptacle, and wall plates were jarring to the senses.

    TIM CARTER REPLY: Jay, Russ and Ann are not finished with the project. They took this photo hours before a festive Christmas Open House. They are going to faux paint the walls and then update all the things you pointed out. You'll see new photos here in about a month.

  2. Ann did a bang up job on the plaster for someone who's never done plastering before. I'll be excited to see the next stage of the remodel. Good job matching the sink hardware to the lines of the sink, too. And it's nice to see they used hardware that's ADA accessible.

    • David, check out the title of the article above. Here's what it didn't say: "Bathroom Remodel in Craftsman Bungalow From Start to Finish"

      The purpose of the article was to show how the Fitzgerald sink could be used to recreate the original look of the house by replacing the wood vanity and cultured-marble top from the 1970s.

      Make sense now? Thanks for stopping by. I do have some other columns and especially videos that do walk you through a bathroom remodel illustrating quite a few of the steps. Type: bathroom remodel into my search engine.

  3. Sorry, I’m not fooled. The giveaway is the combined hot/cold faucet. I’ll bet the old one removed in the 1970s had separate faucets for hot and cold. They are extremely annoying and, around here we celebrated getting rid of the “prison” sink.

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