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Echo CS 3510 Chainsaw Review

echo cs 3510

Here's the new Echo saw. CLICK or TAP HERE to get more information or to have one delivered to your home.

Echo CS 3510 Chainsaw - Compact, Light Perfect for Homeowners

I recently assembled and started up the Echo CS 3510 chainsaw. I've used many chainsaws and this one, in my opinion, is a homeowner tool. Most pros who use chainsaws all day long would probably scoff at this handy tool for the same reason you'd want to use a Ford F-250 Super Duty truck as a contractor versus using a small KIA car with a tiny utility trailer.

CLICK or TAP HERE to buy an Echo chainsaw. They come in many different SIZES. You may want a more powerful one.

What Did You Think of the Saw, Tim?

I feel the chainsaw is a fair deal for the price paid. If you know how to use a chainsaw and keep it out of the dirt, it can cut lots of wood just like my monster STIHL with an 18-inch bar. The engine will work well for years if you follow the advice in my Small Engine Care column.

If you want this new Echo saw to start first or second pull every time, CLICK or TAP HERE.

How Big is the Engine?

The engine is only 34.4 cc. That gives you an indication that this is a saw meant for smaller jobs, not torturing timber trees that are 120 feet tall and 5 feet in diameter at the base.

CLICK or TAP HERE if you want FREE QUOTES from local tree companies in case the project you want to do is TOO BIG.

How Much Does it Weigh?

The Echo CS 3510 weighs in at 8.2 pounds.

How Long is the Warranty?

The saw comes with a 5-year warranty for homeowners and one-year for commercial operators.

echo cs 3510

This is what everything looked like out of the box. You need to assemble the bar and chain onto the saw. It's easy to do.

echo cs 3510


4 Responses to Echo CS 3510 Chainsaw Review

  1. Never use ethanol gas from day 1 would be very good preventive maintenance. Like a repair shop guy quipped : ethanol is the single reason by far that brought us the most business. Like when they eliminated the pilot light on furnaces for efficiency.

  2. I just cut up 11 trees that were 30-50 feet high. I have a gas chain saw but since the tree pile was near the garage I used my electric. It cost me $25 at Aldi and doesn't have the usual gas saw hassles: noise, starting, gummy carb, oil. Someday batteries will advance to the point that dino juice will be just a bad memory. But somebody also needs to come up with a battery interchange system that lets you use any of your gadgets with one style battery. We have the technology...

    • Col., Dino juice is what fuels your electric chain saw. Just in case you were wondering. STIHL has the one-battery-for-all gadgets technology. It's been available for five years.

  3. I am thinking that Col Panek realizes the fact that Electric tools get their juice from a Power Plant but was noting how convenient (easy to start etc) the Electric chain saw is to use
    Also, I believe that when he hoped the future would see batteries that can be utilized for multiple tools, he was referring to batteries that cross tool brands.
    Or maybe I am wrong

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