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Efflorescence Publications

efflorescence on masonryEfflorescence Publications

I also suggest that you consider calling a local brick supplier. They may be members of the Brick Industry Association. Several of the publications listed originated from this source. Also, check out the Bookstore on the web site of the Portland Cement Association (PCA) http://www.cement.org. Several of the publications listed here are available from the PCA.

  • Technical Notes 20 Revised. Cleaning Brick Masonry
  • Technical Notes 23 Revised. Efflorescence - Causes and Mechanisms - Part 1 of 2
  • Technical Notes 23A Revised. Efflorescence - Causes and Mechanisms - Part 2 of 2

These are available FREE on the BIA website www.gobrick.com/.


  • The Homeowner's Guide to Building with Concrete, Brick & Stone
    Portland Cement Association
  • Concrete Masonry Handbook
    Portland Cement Association
  • Masonry Efflorescence, from the editors of Masonry Construction
  • Trowel Tips: Efflorescence
  • Efflorescence: Causes, Prevention, Repair
    These are both available for FREE download from the Portland Cement Association's web site. Search on the term "efflorescence" in the Bookstore search engine.

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Over the years, I've seen many different spellings of efflorescence. Here's my growing list: effervesce, effervescence, effervescent, effleresants, effloreflance, efflorescence, efflorressance, effluorescence, eflorescence, eflorescents, ellforesce and ifflorescence.


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