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Electric Chainsaw vs Gas-Powered Chainsaw Video

Hi, I'm Tim Carter from AsktheBuilder.com. Let's do a neat demonstration. Let's see if an electric chain saw can do as good a job as a gas-powered chain saw. Both units have brand new blades and they weigh about the same. The blade length is about the same on both. So it should be a pretty equal test. Let's see how they do cutting through this 6-inch piece of hard maple.

Now, I know I don't have a face shield and don't have chaps on. I understand all that, but I am going to wear eye protection and I have glasses on and some good safety gloves. Let's see what happens.

First the gas-powered chain saw cuts through the log. That wasn't bad. It cut through like butter. Next we will see what happens with the electric chain saw.

Well, you saw it. The clear winner was the gas-powered chain saw. However, the electric saw did a pretty good job. I am confident that it will do good in the forest. I am going to check it out. (Extension cord doesn't reach!) Oh, maybe not.



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4 Responses to Electric Chainsaw vs Gas-Powered Chainsaw Video

  1. Damn my dad used in electric chainsaw with a fairly short blade I can't remember I think only 12 in and he cut the most amazing things with that he even cut up some huge trees taking little bites at a time and he loved his electric chainsaw he just stopped before he got to the end of the cord

  2. Very cute, but informative. Especially the built in reminder about safety AND keeping your chain in good shape. Let me add a reminder to newbies - your chainsaws need OIL - and the correct type of oil. I was working at Sears (in hardware) post Sandy, and nearly 5 more years after, but after Sandy we sold piles of chainsaws, including some cheapies like Earthquake that were all we could get our hands on at times. Many came back, especially the Earthquake's MAINLY due to owners not following directions, especially keeping the oil tank full (and manually oiling if needed). The Earthquake's had a piece you had to remove before use - and many people didn't bother. Between that and lack of oil, these units vibrated themselves into lots of smaller pieces!

  3. Hi Tim,
    Your demo was interesting, but even though the saws were the same size and had new blades you did not compare the horse power of each. I think that would have a significant bearing on how fast they would cut. Also, while it's obvious that an electric chain saw will not work far from a source of electricity, they don't require buying gas and mixing in oil, and they are so much quieter. I use an electric chain saw on my 3 acre piece of land, and with heavy gauge extension cords I can get to 75% of the trees around the house, which are the most important ones to cut down or limb for fire mitigation.

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