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Electric Tool Belt Video

The following tools are a must for your home electrical repair jobs. Be sure your kit includes a set of linesman pliers, designed with a heavy wire cutter for that electrical cable and wire. Next, a wire stripper to remove insulation from the wire and crimp connectors.

A needle nose pliers allow you to bend the stripped wire in a loop to fit around the screws on the electrical outlet or light switches.

A flat blade screw drive and a Phillips screwdriver are necessities in your tool kit. A razor knife will allow you to cut the sheathing of heavy electrical cable.

To hold all these tools, get a handy little pouch that clips over your belt. It also has small pockets for pencils and a hook for storing rolls of electrical tape. The tool pouch with all the tools in it would make a great gift for that handyman. They'll get a charge out of it!!


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