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Electrical Outlet Box Video

Most home projects with include the addition of an electrical outlet box. Having the proper tools will make the job go great.

First, there are the linesman pliers. They have a large cutting area and the leverage to cut wires and cables. Also useful for twisting wires together.

Next, is the wire stripper. This tool has various size openings that match the different wire diameters. Just select the proper size opening for the wire, squeeze down around the wire and pull. It strips the insulation off the wire. Neat and clean.

Needle nosed pliers are also a valuable tool for working with wiring. You use the needle nose to form a loop in the end of the wire to fit around the screw on the outlet or switch.

Do not forget the razor knife. It is used to cut down the length of the wire insulation. Be careful to cut right down the middle of the insulation. If you cut off to one side, you run the risk of nicking the insulation of the wires inside the cable.

One final tip, be sure to turn off the electric for the circuit on which you are working. This will prevent any electrical shock or worse.


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