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Electrical Safety Video

When painting around electrical fixtures, it is always best to remove them first. But, is it safe to put that old light fixture back up? Here are some things to look for. First, check the wiring. Feel it, twist it. Check for cracks in the insulation. If the wire looks good, that is fine.

Next, look inside the fixture at the actual bulb socket. Inspect it for corrosion. If there is signs of corrosion, that is a bad sign.

There is a little tab at the bottom of the light socket. Pry that tab up a little using either needle nose pliers or your hand. That will ensure a good contact between the light bulb and the socket.

If the fixture is good, reconnect the wires to the correct electrical wires. Be sure to connect the ground wire to the bare metal in the electrical box.

Some light fixtures have a label indicating the maximum wattage for the light bulb. Be sure to follow this warning. These steps will ensure that the light fixture is safe and reconnected properly.


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