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Electrostatic Filter Resistance Comparison

Electrostatic Filter Initial Resistance Comparison

The following table shows you how different filters stack up against one another. Remember, you want a filter that has the lowest initial resistance as is practical. As this number gets lower, your HVAC system spends less time and energy making you comfortable. It also means less stress on the mechanical components such as the motor and the fan. Note that only one company - Newtron Products - offers a built-in carbon monoxide detector at this time. I imagine the other filter companies will follow suit as soon as they can figure out a way around the patent. Click here for a list of how to contact some of the companies in the table.

Company Filter Type Initial Resistance Built-in CO Detector
3M Filtrete Clean Air Filter .19 No
Air Purification
Enviro Guard .20 No
Allergy-Free Filters Electrostatic .25 No
American Air Filters ElectroKlean .23 No
Bruhow Dust Magnet 90 .18 No
Dust Free Inc. Dust Fighter 95 .16 No
Lennox Industries Aire-Flo .13 No
Lifetime Filter Lifetime Filter .26 No
Newtron Products Contractor's Choice .08 No
Newtron Products Champion Watchdog .15 Yes
Permatron Corp. Electrostatic Air Cleaner .19 No
Web Web Plus .45 No

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