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Energy Star Vinyl Window Manufacturers

I've convinced you that it is important to buy a certified vinyl window. But it is still a little confusing. There are three certification programs. One is the AAMA-NWWDA program. The other is the NFRC. And the third is the Energy Star window and door certification program. Which one is better? Well, that is hard to say because they certify different aspects of the window. The AAMA-NWWDA program looks primarily at the material aspects of the window while the NFRC and Energy Star certification tests take a close look at the thermal performance of the glass.

The glass is very important. Glass used to be the weakest link in the energy shield of your home. Vast improvements have pushed the insulating factor of the window to new levels. Invisible heat films that are sandwiched between panes of insulating glass are allowing window manufacturers to build better and more energy efficient windows. The invisible films are absolutely on the cutting edge of technology. If you can get windows that have this Low E film, do so.

Go to the Energy Star web site to find a current list of manufacturers which meet the Energy Star certification standards. If you don't find a manufacturer in your town or city, don't panic! Many of these manufacturers make windows that might be distributed by another company in your area. If you don't see a familiar name, simply call your local companies. Look for the Energy Star blue/green semi-circle global logo on the windows!

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