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eTape16 Review

eTape16™ Review - It's Superb

etape 16 electronic tape measure

This is a superb small tape measure perfect for a homeowner. Be sure you get the generation 2 one with the silver function buttons.

I've tested countless tape measures in my life. You'd be surprised at the differences between them.

The eTape16™ immediately got my attention as soon as I tried it out. Two different models were sent to me. The eTAPE has evolved over the past few years getting better and better.

The eTAPE16™ was featured on the February 1, 2022 LIVE video stream.

You can also purchase the eTAPE16™ direct.

Did Anyone Else Test the eTape16™?

As soon as I used it, I thought, "Wow, this is pretty cool." I was stunned by the accuracy as it measures how much tape has exited the body.

I then decided to put it to the REAL test. I handed it to my 29-year-old daughter and didn't say a word.

She looked at it, noticing the screen, pulled out the tape, her eyes got BIG, and she said, "Dad, this is amazing. I want to buy this from you."

It was now time to put it to the ultimate test, She Who Must Be Obeyed - my wife of 47 years. I did with her what I did with my daughter handing it to her not saying a word.

My wife had THE EXACT SAME REACTION as did my daughter. But Kathy didn't offer to buy it from me.

Is it Hard to Read the Measurement on the eTAPE16™?

No. All you do is pull it out and read the crisp display. Watch this how-to-use the eTAPE16™ video:

Here's how hard it USED TO BE to read tape measures!

Watch this decades-old video I recorded to show you how to read tapes BEFORE the eTAPE16™ was even a glimmer in the eye of the inventor:

What are the eTape16™ Features?

  • Large LED display that is easy to read in full sunlight or a darker room
  • Inside and Outside measuring capability
  • Three memories
  • US/Metric Conversion
  • Centerline Calculation

What Else Can You Share about the eTAPE16™?

The backlit display makes it very easy to read, even in sunlight. A professional finish carpenter might like to try this tape out to see if it doesn't increase his efficiency. I feel for a person who's uncomfortable trying to figure out how to read a conventional tape measure the eTAPE16 will save time and money. It's a great tool for younger people who might not be getting a great math education in school. I hale from an older generation where fractions were a major part of our grade school math class. I'm not sure that's the case today.

etape max 16 tape measure

It appears there are at least two models of the eTape16. Note this one has red buttons to activate its functions. This model also has a locking button I found very difficult to get to lock.

etape 16 electronic tape measure

This is the easy-to-read display of the eTape16.

etape 16 electronic tape measure

Here's the eTape16 in action. I've extended the tape 1.5 inches and you can see that on the display.

etape 16 electronic tape measure

This is the better tape-locking button. It takes little effort to lock the tape when you push down the top of the slide.


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