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Fair Contractor Payment Schedule

125 Plus Item Cost Breakdown List

The following list will absolutely provide you with a way to zero in on the actual cost of your planned home. One of the biggest nightmares with new home construction is failing to identify a cost item. I once goofed up on a bid (I was in a rush) because I was using a hand held calculator with no tape instead of my own list! The mistake cost me $8,000! Ouch!

To obtain an accurate total price, you must have two things: 1. Each major and many minor items listed. 2. Accurate prices for each item - not guesses or allowances! I haven't listed every single nut and bolt item, however, I'll bet that you will be surprised at the detail of the list. If you have a specialized job and know of an item I could include, please contact me. I have provided extra blank spaces at the end of the list in case you need to add items.

The list below works best with the questions and extra documentation I provide for in my New Home Construction Checklist. If you REALLY want a package to help you build that new home check out the New House Specifications offering at my website.



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