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February 13, 2018 AsktheBuilder Newsletter

There's lots to cover in this issue:

  • Stain Solver We-Love-You Sale
  • Another You-Can't-Make-This-Stuff-Up Story
  • Hidden Fire Danger in Your Home
  • Much More

Let's get started!

What Is Stain Solver?

Stain Solver logo

Stain Solver Certfied Organic

I'm investing this time because you may be a new subscriber or you may be a seasoned subscriber that's still a Doubting Thomas.

Stain Solver is a certified organic oxygen bleach powder. It's a multi-purpose cleaner that Kathy and I have manufactured since 1996. You mix the powder with warm or hot water to make an ultra-powerful cleaning solution.

Kathy (my lovely wife) and I own the company, and Roger and Ellen work with us each day to help get your things clean.

If it's water washable, you can almost always clean it with Stain Solver. The list of things you can clean is a mile long. Here's the ONLY things I'd not clean with Stain Solver:

  • natural wool or silk (undyed) - it will discolor them
  • aluminum cookware - it will oxidize and darken it
  • redwood decking / siding - it will darken it - use oxalic acid
  • sterling silver - it will darken it

Everything else in and around your home is fair game! Just last week, I used it for two simple projects around my home. I restored my daughter's favorite tea mug.

For the sake of this photo, I only filled it halfway with hot tap water so you'd see the before & after results in one photo.

stain solver coffee mug
Once the hot water was in the mug, I just dropped in 1/4 teaspoon of Stain Solver powder and walked away. After an hour, I poured out the solution and the mug looked as you see it above. NO SCRUBBING was required.

I then poured about two tablespoons into my dishwasher and set the cycle to pots and pans. The Stain Solver swishes around inside the machine and deep cleans all the accumulated GREASE that's on and HIDDEN INSIDE the washer arms, the internal filters, etc.

If you wonder WHY your clear glasses come out a tiny bit foggy, it's not always because your rinse agent dispenser is empty. It's because you have GREASE inside your dishwasher.

Don't believe me? Get a flashlight and look at your rotating washer arms and your filters!

Want to see my all-time FAVORITE before & after photo sent in by a customer?

Wait until you read Georgia's story just under the two photos. WOW!

CLICK HERE and be prepared to be BLOWN AWAY.

Do you want to try Stain Solver? We sell it in a small sample size bottle if you're skeptical and think I'm just another hawker on the Jersey boardwalk. Here's a photo of the sample size. That's my hand in the photo.
stain solver oxygen bleach
The cute sample size costs just $9.97 including FREE SHIPPING to anywhere in the USA including US Territories.

If you want to take advantage of the We Love You Sale, then purchase a 4.5-pound size or larger. Kathy and I need to reduce the inventory of that size before we do our next manufacturing run.

Use the promo code just below since tomorrow is Valentine's Day.

Kathy and I love you if you're a regular customer and we don't say it often enough!


You'll get 10% off any purchase greater than $48.00 and FREE SHIPPING to the lower 48 US states.

CLICK HERE to place your order.

Hidden Fire Danger

A little over a year ago, a very close friend of mine and his wife almost became NFPA statistics. Their home started to catch fire because of an overloaded switch.

Fortunately, they were home and AWAKE before the fire got out of control. I helped correct the problem and all is well.

CLICK HERE to make sure you're not making the same honest mistake they made!

Slush or Exhaust Condensate?

Last week while I was in New York City attending a 1.5-day conference, Gary emailed me with a question about how to solve a water problem on his garage floor.

Gary didn't much care for my suggestions. My advice to you is don't be like Gary.

If you have thoughts about Gary or the suggestions I offered to him, by all means be sure you leave a comment at the bottom of the page.

CLICK HERE to see what Gary's problem was.

Sewer Gas Smell

Do you have issues with chronic or periodic sewer gas smell at your home?

My column may help you. If you need MORE HELP, I can get on the phone with you.

CLICK HERE to get some free advice on how to stop sewer gas in your home.

Low Water Pressure in Faucets

Finally, I want to help you save BIG MONEY. Plumbers can be very expensive. There's a DIY fix for most low-pressure problems in your home.

CLICK HERE to see how to save SWEET MOOLA!

That's quite enough for today.

Remember, We Love You and happy Valentine's Day!

CLICK HERE to get some Stain Solver now.

Tim Carter
Founder - www.AsktheBuilder.com
Co-Founder - www.StainSolver.com
Chief Oxygen Bleach Evangelist
Mr. No Typo Man

Do It Right, Not Over!


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