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February 17, 2013 AsktheBuilder Alert

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I just got back from being on top of Mt. Gunstock here in New Hampshire. I was at the summit at 8:30 a.m. and rode the chair lift back down at 2:30 p.m. I never thought we'd be up there that long. Like an idiot, I didn't pack a lunch. Heck, even if I did, it would have frozen.

The temperature at the summit was about 8 F and the wind was gusting to 35 mph. (That's a wind chill of -16 F.) I was under a building helping to install new ham radio repeaters. Some of the wind was blocked, but not all of it.

It was COOOOOOOLD! Brrrrrrrr!



Last Sunday, I was flying home from Los Angeles, CA. The three days before that I was there taping the Repair Wood Rot video series.

I wasn't chiseling out wood, making precise cuts, etc. That's what master carpenters do.

Instead, I was using revolutionary liquid and epoxy products to harden the wood and the fill in the gaps and holes with an epoxy that contains wood flour! That way it can be stained and sands easily.

You're not going to believe what you see in the video series. I would have NEVER THOUGHT the products would be so easy to work with.

You'll simply not believe your eyes when you watch the videos.

If you want to get online access to this video series for just $10, you have until TONIGHT (February 17, 2013) at MIDNIGHT.

After that the price will probably double.

You can also get a DVD for a higher price if you want to watch the videos offline.

CLICK HERE NOW to get the videos for $10.

Remember, the sale is now over. It ended at midnight February 17, 2013, Eastern Time.



In the last issue of the newsletter I was in such a rush I forgot to include the LINK to the new sample size of Stain Solver.

This is the 0.4-pound size that I ship to anywhere in the lower 48 states for just $9.97. Just click the top radio button once you get to the shopping cart.

If you've wanted to try Stain Solver for years, but needed a better price, you now have it.

It's a cute little bottle and we ship it FAST to you!

Stain Solver Sample Size

I'll have more news for you in just a few days.


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