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February 23, 2014 AsktheBuilder Newsletter & Tips

If you're a new AsktheBuilder.com subscriber, you've landed in the midst of my annual Treasure Hunt. It's madness but it's FUN. Keep reading.

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I do have a valuable link far below about the dangers of snow and ice buildup on your deck or roof. Look for that.

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I've been told I'm TOO WORDY by some. Yes, it's a fault. Let's see if I can't help you better understand the Treasure Hunt.

IMPORTANT NOTES: New easier clues and tools for the color blind in Day Two!

Treasure Hunt Quick Start Guide

CAPS for emphasis, not SCREAMING. 🙂

Step One: Look at the CENTER of the small scraps of Treasure Map. Think Where's Waldo or jigsaw puzzle.

Step Two: Note small image at center of small scraps.

Step Three: Click ALL links that have the FAKE names of FAKE ISLANDS. These are sponsor website pages.

Step Four: Study sponsor website pages looking for the large photo that the small image snippet was taken from and for information allowing you to answer the questions in the form.

Step Five: Answer simple and funny questions in the form to be eligible for prizes.

That's it!

Here's your QUICK LIST of links for all things Treasure Hunt:

1. Go to DAY TWO NOW. (You've not yet played Day One? There's a link at Day Two to play Day One.)

2. Prizes - with new ones added - Oh, I'm also giving away TEN of my 15-Minute Phone Calls! We can talk about anything you want if you win.

3. Sample Page of what your Grand Prize Entry should look like. CLICK THIS LINK if you want to enhance your chances of winning the Grand Prize. If you've already submitted your entry, you can have a Do Over!

4. What's in it for you in the Treasure Hunt? Why should you play? Watch this short video.

5. What you or others have said about how much fun it is to play the Treasure Hunt. Seriously, READ THESE COMMENTS.

6. Grand Prize Entry Form. - Be SURE to click the link above to see what the ideal entry includes!!!!

Treasure Hunt FAQs

Q: I don't live in the lower 48 states of the USA. Can I still play in the Treasure Hunt and win prizes?
A: YES! Anyone in the world can win any of the other prizes other than the Grand Prize. The Grand Prize winner must live in the lower 48 states.

Q: Is the Treasure Hunt FREE?
A: Yes! There is no cost to play.

Q: What are the Islands you talk about?
A: The *islands* are just a fun name for sponsor webpages.

Q: I'm color blind. How can I play?
A: Click the Day Two link above. There's software to help you identify colors.

CLICK HERE to read about the dangers of too much snow or ice on your roof of outdoor deck.

Go have a blast on Day Two of the Treasure Hunt.


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