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February 23, 2020 AsktheBuilder Newsletter

My guess is you might be a new subscriber. Let's imagine you came into Skyline Chili to place a carry-out order. I used to make cheese coneys and 3-ways by the thousands there many moons ago. I would've sauntered up to the carry-out counter uttering these words, "Geia' sou". That's Greek for hello. I also would've asked if you wanted onions on your cheese coneys. You might have forgotten to remember drinks. Believe me, I'd make sure you had plenty of Pepsi.

Let's assume you've eaten about fifty 5-ways with me here over the years. I know, I know, I remembered to make yours inverted, so calm down. Tell me if you've ever eaten the little oyster crackers with a large dot of hot sauce on them. Man up if not!

Winter Cold & Tile Floors = BRRRRRRRRRR

About a month ago, I mentioned why my feet in the morning are NEVER cold when standing on my tile bathroom floor. Please peer at this photo:

uponor hepex

Questions for you:

1. How exactly did I create these warm spots?
2. Is it hard to do?
3. Can you create warm floors like this in an existing home?

CLICK or TAP HERE for all the answers and TWO amazing videos showing you some magic.

CLUES: Look for the keyword Uponor when you land on that page.

I NEED Your Help

I'm trying to decide the color to repaint my man cave and also which new door would look best. Currently, my man cave is canary yellow and I have a solid metal door. You can see part of the drab gray metal door on the right side of the photo below.
Tim's man caveYour input would be greatly appreciated. All you have to do is click the three following links to see my top three color and door choices.

Below those three links is a link to a page where you can provide your input.

Thanks in advance!

Choice #1

Choice #2

Choice #3

CLICK or TAP HERE to tell me what you'd select if you were my interior designer.

Combi Boiler Update - One Year In

Fifteen months ago, I installed a new combi boiler in my home.

CLICK or TAP HERE to see the one I installed.

Why did I choose this boiler?

1. It's a modulating boiler. This means the burner works like the one on your stove. You can adjust the flame to the amount of heat that's REQUIRED at that point in time. My old boiler was either on FULL BLAST or it was off. Imagine trying to simmer gravy with your burner on FULL BLAST! A modulating boiler saves you huge money on your fuel bills.

2. It's far more energy efficient. Only 5% of the heat created goes out through the vent pipe. My old boiler was wasting 15% of the energy put into it.

3. The boiler also acts as a tankless water heater. I have UNLIMITED HOT WATER for showers or other tasks so long as I have well water and propane. This is why these things are called combi boilers. They combine tasks into one machine.

My combi boiler is working so much better than my old boiler. In the past when the temperature outdoors dropped below zero, it was impossible to keep our giant living room warm. Weeks ago, it dropped to -9 F and I performed a test.

Before going to bed, I set the thermostat in that room, I have eight different heating zones I can control, to 70 F. The next morning before dawn, the room was 70 F. With the old boiler, the temperature would have been 62 F or less.

You may know that my daughter was just starting to build a new home last year at the time I was installing my new boiler. I suggested that she put in a combi boiler. Are you interested in the status of her new home? I'll have a report SOON, so be patient. Patience isn't your strong suit? Practice makes perfect.

My daughter decided to install a Noritz Combi Boiler because it's able to heat the house and domestic hot water at the same time. My boiler can't do this.

When I'm heating my house and then call for hot water at a shower or sink faucet, the heat is temporarily suspended from going out to the heating loops. It's never an issue unless you decide to compete in an hours-long water sports event at your home.

CLICK or TAP HERE to get lots more information and detailed step-by-step installation photos of my daughter's Noritz Combi Boiler.

BOTTOM LINE: I'm a HUGE FAN of these combi boilers. If I had to go back to work in construction do you know what I'd do?

All I'd do is install the Noritz Combi boiler all day long in many different houses. I'd do no other jobs but put these magic boxes on a wall.

It's SO EASY to install one. To make the job go faster, be sure you have a Ridgid Press tool so you don't have to solder any of the copper tubing!

CLICK or TAP HERE to see how FAST those tools make leak-proof joints. Here's what the tool looks like:

Install Copper Tubing Pipe Tool

For comparison sake, please watch this SHORT video to see how long it takes to solder just ONE HALF of a copper joint.

CLICK or TAP HERE to watch me solder a copper fitting.

Clean YUCKY DIRTY Floor Tile Grout

Please look at this photo. You don't have to come clean (pun intended) and share if your floor grout is unacceptable like this:

Dirty Grout Floor Tile

Do you want to see what the grout looks like CLEAN?

Do you want to know how EASY it is to get it clean like that?

I thought so!! CLICK or TAP HERE and watch the video showing me cleaning floor grout.

Want a DEAL on getting Stain Solver?

"Heck yes, Tim. Hand over the promo code now and all your delicate things will be given back to you unharmed."

Okay, okay, those N-gauge model-train locomotives in your hand ARE delicate!!! Be careful! Here's the promo code that EXPIRES in just 18 hours!!!!


CLICK or TAP HERE now if you just want to order the Stain Solver.

Remember, the President's Day Stain Solver sale ENDS TONIGHT at midnight.

! ! ! LAST CALL ! ! !

Treasure Hunt Game Ends Saturday the 29th!

My annual Treasure Hunt Game ends in days.

You can win one of five $50 Amazon Gift cards if you just answer a few silly questions.
Annual Treasure HuntCLICK or TAP HERE to play the game.

That's enough for a Sunday, right?

Tim Carter
Founder - www.AsktheBuilder.com
President for Life - www.StainSolver.com
Published in CQ Magazine - www.W3ATB.com

P.S. What do you know about retaining walls? Did you know that something VERY BAD happens the taller the walls get? And for all those algebra experts out there, it's a non-linear function.

Lookie, lookie here for the "dets" as the younger folk say. If you're older and a little crusty around the edges, CLICK or TAP HERE.


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