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Fein Multimaster 350 Q Review

How much did I like using the new Fein Multimaster 350 Q multitool?

I challenged the 100,000 subscribers that receive my free weekly newsletter to tell me if this multitool would be one of only five power tools they were allowed to use and have for the rest of their lives.

For me, it would absolutely be one of the five power tools I was allowed to have.


It's all about versatility. If you want a tool that can do multiple tasks well, then you're going to love the Fein Multimaster 350 Q.


If you search "multitool" in any search engine or on Amazon.com, you'll see a boatload of different brands.

But someone had to be first - someone came up with the original idea. It was the clever German engineers at Fein. Kudos to them.

As you can see, the tool became so popular that once the patent ran out, every other tool manufacturer rushed to produce their own knockoff.


The new Fein Multimaster 350 Q sports impressive numbers where they count:

  • It's got up to 35 percent more power than the original model
  • It's produces up to 70 percent LESS vibration than the original model
  • It's up to 50 percent quieter that the original model

Look at those numbers again - they're impressive.


Sawing with this multitool is a breeze. I had no issues cutting through hard oak.

Grinding out hard sanded grout is child's play for this tool.

Sanding in tight places is no challenge. This tool does a great job on detail work.

All you have to do is look at the accessories and you'll see exactly how this tool is going to help you be more productive.

How do other people like the tool? I asked my subscribers to tell me what they thought of it and here's just a few of the comments:

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