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Finding a Good Architect

Hiring Architects

Most people don't realize that architects receive very little training in school concerning residential construction. Architects learn this themselves, for the most part, once they get out into the working world. You need to find a seasoned residential architect for your job.

Here are a few ways to do just this. Call the major lumber companies in your town. Most of them have people who prepare estimates for builders and remodelers from blueprints. These individuals see a full range of plans. As such, they tend to know who draws a complete, well thought-out plan.

Ask the architects themselves what percentage of their work is residential. Talk to past clients. Ask if the plans were accurate. Look for details on the blueprints. These are little side drawings showing exploded views of things in your job. Look for door, window and room finish schedules. These are necessary for a complete set of drawings.

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