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Fiskars Pro Isocore Mauls

fiskars wood splitting mauls

Fiskars Pro Isocore Mauls | Here are two mauls that will last generations. CLICK or TAP HERE or the photo to have them in your hands in days.

Fiskars Pro Isocore Mauls - Split Tough Wood Fast

I tested the two Fiskars Pro Isocore Mauls and had great success. Within minutes, the small 2.5-pound maul became my favorite.

It's so nice to have a small maul the size of a hatchet that creates small kindling faster than kids eat ice cream on a hot summer day.

CLICK or TAP HERE to just order them now because I know you'll be SATISFIED as I was.

Fiskars 6 Pound Maul

You can see why this 6-pound maul splits wood FAST. Look at the aggressive angle. CLICK or TAP HERE to order it now.

Fiskars 2.5 Pound Maul

This is such a wonderful small maul. It's a perfect weight and produces nice small kindling FAST. CLICK or TAP HERE now to have it in your hands in just two or three days.

Fiskars 2.5 Pound Maul

Here's the small maul side-by-side with a typical hatchet. You can see why it will do so much better splitting small pieces of logs into excellent kindling to get a FAST fire going. CLICK or TAP HERE to order the small maul. You'll LOVE it.

Do the Mauls Come with Saftey Caps?

Yes, both mauls come with a cover to protect the semi-sharp end.

Do the Mauls Have a Great Guarantee?

Yes, I believe there's a lifetime warranty on the mauls - the heads won't fly off into the ether or the woods.

What Didn't You Like About the Mauls?

I found that sleeping with them was uncomfortable. I liked them so much I wanted them with me at all times, but I just don't like cold steel against my feet at night.




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