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Fix A Broken Door Knob Video

Fix A Broken Door Knob

Do you have a loose door knob? With just a few tools, you can tighten that door knob. You will need a small flat head screwdriver, a Phillips head screwdriver and a regular size flat head screwdriver.

On the inside of the door, there will be a small spring loaded metal piece under the door knob. Push in that piece with the small screwdriver. This will allow you to pop the knob off the door. Once this is removed, you can take off the chrome or brass trim plate. This will expose the screws that hold the door knob assembly together. Tighten these two screws, replace the trim plate and put the knob back on.

That is how simple it is to tighten up that loose door knob. A few screwdrivers and a few minutes and your door knob will be good as new.


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