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Flashlight In Mouth Explodes

A Colorado handyman / remodeler had a run in with a LED flashlight.

He put it in his mouth so he could have two hands free to look for a tool in his SUV.

It was in his mouth for 30 seconds before the explosion. That's an important clue.

I think a bunch of his saliva got into the inside of the hand torch and shorted out the battery.

From the looks of the photo at the USA Today website, it appears you're looking at two lithium-ion battery casings. Those things do explode violently when shorted out.

You can AVOID this by just using the right tool for the job.

In his case, he should have been wearing a headlamp like I use. A headlamp allows you to have great light, keeps your saliva where it belongs, and you have two hands free to do what you want.

There are all sorts of models and brands, but my opens in a new windowEnergizer headlamp with the white and RED LEDs for night vision preservation has NEVER let me down. I love it.

Wait until you see the difference walking around at night using RED light instead of white light that robs you of your night vision!

opens in a new windowCLICK HERE for the full story about the unlucky handyman.


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