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Flat Roof Leak Solutions

Flat Roof Leak Solutions

  • Ignore TV commercials with spray-on miracle products
  • Stop flat roof leaks with a single-ply one-piece membrane over entire roof
  • EPDM membrane is perhaps the best flat roof leak solver
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DEAR TIM: I have a nearly flat roof that is driving me crazy. The asphalt rolled roofing products I use only seem to last five years before they begin to leak.

What other alternatives do I have? There seem to be hundreds of commercial buildings near me that have similar roofs.

When I go into these businesses during a rainstorm I don't see leaks. Can I put a similar roof on my house? Mark G., Defiance, OH

DEAR MARK: Many homeowners share your frustration.

Flat Roofs Are Common & Problematic

There are literally thousands of houses in my own city that have low pitched or flat roofs. Traditional asphalt roofing materials are susceptible to failure because of the method of application and material quality issues.

The roofing industry has known about this problem for many years. During the 1950's and 1960's, new membrane roofing materials started to appear that solved many of the asphalt roofing problems.

Miracle TV Spray-On Leak Fix Products

Forget about the miracle spray-on leak products you may see in the cheesy TV commercials. These almost always fail in a short amount of time.

Flashings are the most common source of leaks and they require more than a spray to solve the problem.

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Shingles Do NOT Work

Traditional asphalt shingle systems do not work on flat or nearly flat roofs. Shingles work in conjunction with gravity to keep the inside of your house dry.

A roof needs, in my opinion, a 4:12 pitch MINIMUM for traditional shingles. Shingle manufacturers will tell you a lower slope will work, but don't do it.

Water runs down the roof and over the top of shingles. Strong wind and ice dams can defeat these gravity based systems.

Gravity Is Your Enemy

Flat roofs and extremely low slope roofs need a gravity-proof roofing solution. It appears that the new single-ply membrane roofing materials may be just the thing. The commercial buildings you mention very likely are covered with one of the many different types of single ply membrane roofs.

Single-Ply Membranes

The new single ply membranes are actually synthetic compounds that can be mechanically fastened or glued down to your roof deck. Some of the materials are synthetic rubbers while others are special PVC plastics.

Long Warranties

There are several other types as well. All seem to have very respectable life spans. Warranties of twenty or more years are not uncommon.

Minimal Seams

One distinct advantage these new membranes offer is the possibility of seam elimination. Seams in the traditional asphalt systems were usually the first place water might enter.

If your low-slope roof has no chimney or plumbing / heating vent pipe penetrations, it's possible to cover the roof with one giant piece of roofing material.

It is like "shrink-wrapping" your roof! Believe it or not, some of the membrane materials come in 50-foot widths. Twenty-foot-wide rolls are the most common size.

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Small Pieces for Residential Work

Smaller width pieces are often used for residential work. They're easier to handle and there are special adhesives, solvents, and tapes that assure leak-free performance at the seams.

These membrane roofing systems also permit you to upgrade your house insulation. You can install high performance insulations on the roof deck before the membranes are applied.

Often a thin one-half-inch thick fiberboard sheet is placed on the insulation or roof deck before the single ply membrane is attached. The fiber board helps to protect the underside of the membrane from defects in the roofing deck.

Avoid repairing roof leaks yourself! Find a professional using my Roofing Replacement / Repair Checklist. I offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee.

Favorable Cost

The cost of the single ply membranes is not too bad. A typical job that requires no removal of old roofing might cost hundreds of dollars per square.

One square of roofing equals 100 square feet of roofing area. This cost will vary depending upon how many obstacles are in or near your roof, whether you decide to upgrade your insulation, and the overall quality of the roofing membrane you choose to use. For sake of comparison, a standard asphalt-shingle roof on a house might cost 40 percent per square what a modern membrane will cost you.

Flat-Locked Copper

If you happen to play the lottery there is another time tested roofing material that works well on flat or nearly flat roofs. You can install a flat locked fully soldered seamed copper roof. These roofs are extremely labor intensive to install.

The use of hidden clips allows these roofs to float on the wood deck below. Copper roofs of this type will cost you approximately $2,000 for each square. If you could still find tin-coated steel, you can lower the cost to 75 percent of that of copper.

The issue is some idiots have worked to eliminate tin-coated steel for roofing products. It's a time-tested material that's worked well for almost 200 years.

A tin roof will require periodic painting. But heck, if you win the lottery, who's counting!

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