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Flushable Wipes Test Video

Flushable Wipes Video | Watch this video to see what happens with name-brand flushable wipes when flushed in a normal household toilet.

Flushable Wipes - Not Great for Septic Systems Not Terrible For Covered Bathroom Garbage Cans

CLICK or TAP HERE to read my original column about these products.

CLICK or TAP HERE to read the complaint letter I received from the Responsible Flushing Alliance about my column.


Here's a photo of the test setup I used to create this video:

flushable wipes test

This is the testing setup for my video. It's a true test for what happens in your home. Copyright 2019 Tim Carter


15 Responses to Flushable Wipes Test Video

  1. I have been a maintenance tech for 39 years and I tell people all the time that not to flush these into toilets and other women products into toilets we had so many clogged lines backed up because of these products damaged to carpets flooring and ceilings

  2. I thought your flushing video was very interesting. Most people today Don't have any common sense and have No idea how plumbing actually works.


  3. To take this a step further, the flushable wipes also create problems at the water treatment facility. The water district in my town (I live in central Connecticut) publishes a reminder in the local paper asking people not to flush these wipes. They clog the machinery that helps remove solids from the waste water as it enters the plant, which means a shutdown, unclogging, and restarting of the machines.

  4. Great work on this, Tim. I learned this the hard way with Prep H wipes. The packaging says "Flushable and Septic Safe" yet they caused a major clog in our drain line and required expensive septic tank pumping. How can they get away with this?

  5. Excellent video and I hope these people that gave you a hard time accept these facts. I think an apology is in order??!!
    Thanks for taking the time to do this and get this info out to people!

  6. Thanks a ton for putting this together Tim. I wish all home owners, renters, DIYers and students watch this video and get educated on plumbing systems and contributors to plumbing problems. I can imagine the results with 60 plus year old drain pipes buried near old trees with lots of roots.
    I was fortunate to view the drain pipe to the street during city survey and sewage work a few years back. Needless to say, I'm glad I had the good sense to insist on toilet paper only over the past 33 years.

  7. Interesting. It's true that not all manufacturers' directions are correct as they say. Thanks for the important tips.

  8. Thank you for a great film! I came to interest in building late in life and I enjoy all of your columns. Keep them coming!

  9. Tim,
    I keep track of you by reading your columns in the WaPost. You have not changed in looks -still handsome, and the flush video is your sense of humor... a real hoot!! Love from Cincy

  10. Great info here Tim. Maybe not so PC to show it, but would've been interesting to see what happens to tampons. I assume they'd have same result as the better wipes (as in, not disintegrating)? Have been using a waste can instead of the toilet for those now for years, but would've been good for my younger self to have really understood how this works much earlier. At least my daughter's now got it! 🙂

    • Kendra,

      The original column that spawned the video had nothing to do with feminine hygiene products. It was focused on unethically named "flushable" wipes.

      One would hope that it's common sense to NEVER flush a tampon or pad or ???? down a toilet. But if you read enough of my comments, you'll soon discover common sense is on the wane.

      As I said in my original flushable wipes column, just because you can flush something down a toilet - a tampon will almost always make it through - doesn't mean you SHOULD FLUSH it.

  11. interesting stuff, tim. unfortunately, the quest for expedience and an unwillingness to do more than is absolutely required will spell job security for you and all plumber brothers & sisters. as the saying goes, "just can you can, doesn't mean you should".

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