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Foam Pads for Sanding – Sources

Sources of Foam Sanding Pads

How would you like to have a sanding tool that fits the shape of your hand or the object you are gripping, is waterproof, and is economical? This is not a problem if you happen to purchase a set of foam sanding pads.

There are many times in the past when I have had all sorts of trouble sanding round spindles or other curved objects. The foam pads are the answer. I also like them because they are reusable. When you finish a project, rinse them and they look like new.

I have found two companies that make the pads or sponge sanding tools. One of them sells their products on-line and the other one doesn't. In fact, the only company that sells their sponge pads on-line happens to have a very cool project kit that includes:

  • 4 sponge pads with grits ranging from coarse to extra fine
  • 4 different super glues
  • a glue remover
  • an all purpose abrasive file

You get all of this handy project stuff for just $19.99. It is a real deal! The company that has this great project kit is Surehold. Contact them at:

  • Surehold

The other company that sells foam sanding pads is:

  • Norton

In a 2012 review, it appears that Surehold might have dropped the foam sanding pads from their product. They seem to be selling adhesives only.

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