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Formica Scratch Repair

PCB Tool Expert
PCB Tool Expert

Dion Kennard lives in the Bahamas.

The land of milk and honey sea and surf and humidity.

Here's his story:

"When we built our house we had a local contractor build our kitchen cabinets and prepare and install our counter tops.

They are 1/2" thick Formica sheets in a dark stone color.

Unfortunately he polished them to a high gloss and they are now showing every scratch and mark.

Is there some way that I can refinish them myself so that they would be more forgiving?"

I believe there are scratches here, but they're hard to see. Photo credit: Dion Kennard

Here's my simple answer:

To disguise scratches, you need to get rid of the high gloss. Gloss, by its very nature, shows minor surface imperfections because of the way light is reflected by the imperfection.

A matte finish is more forgiving.

How you might create a pleasing and uniform matte finish is a mystery to me.

You may be better off just trying to repair the scratches as they happen as you could ruin the top trying to change it's look.

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