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Foundation Corner Crack Repair

Robyn has a house in my hometown of  Cincinnati, OH.

The corners of her concrete foundation are cracking off and she wants to know how to repair them. Here's her testimony:

"The corners of my foundation are slowly falling off. I know I have foundation problems, but I want to put this big chunk back on instead of rebuilding it.

Is there some type of adhesive or bonding agent I can use for this large chunk?"

This chunk of concrete came off because the brick and mortar and poured concrete expand and contract at different rates. Photo credit: Robyn

I've got great news for Robyn!

You bet there's a compound you can use.

What would you say if I told you there was a miracle concrete epoxy that fit into a standard caulk gun?

Would you be amazed if I told you this repair could be done in about ten minutes by you?

opens in a new windowCLICK HERE to watch a video I recently shot showing how to use this wonderful material. Inside the video are links that take you to a page where you can have this epoxy delivered right to your doorstep! How handy is that?

opens in a new windowCLICK HERE to purchase the special easy-to-use epoxy I'd use if I were doing the repair job for you.

When you go to use it, I want you to cut a piece of an old pliable CD or DVD case and put it between the top of the chunk and the brick mortar. Do NOT put any epoxy on the top of the chunk!

The thin plastic will act like a lubricant so the brick mortar doesn't rip off your repaired chunk in the future. You want the brick mortar to slide back and forth with little friction above the foundation.

The brick and mortar are moving at different rates than the concrete and I need you to provide a surface where they can slide easily and not get interlocked. This is why the concrete cracked and broke off.

Do not coat the entire contact area of the chunk with the epoxy. You'll probably apply too much and the chunk will not fit tightly. Just put about six quarter-sized dabs around the chuck or on the foundation and spread it out with a disposable cheap brush.

You need to figure out how to hold the chunk in position without moving for an hour or two as the epoxy hardens. This is mission critical to your success.



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