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Foundation On Bedrock Video

Hi, I’m Tim Carter from AsktheBuilder.com and we’re at a new construction site here in New Hampshire. I want to show you something interesting about how they dug the hole for the foundation and how they got it ready to pour the footer.

There is solid bedrock at the bottom of the hole. They used a machine that blasted through the rock like a giant jackhammer. They dug the hole a little lower then they needed and here’s what they did.

The footer they poured is about 10-inches high. It looks like it is poured on a very thin layer of sand. However, this is really a layer of coarse rock, about 2-inches in diameter and very angular. This was compacted and leveled to provide a flat surface to pour the footer. The footer is not poured directly on to bedrock. The bedrock would be to irregular for the footer.

This is one way to prepare the foundation hole to pour the footer on top of bedrock.


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