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Foundation Watering Video

Foundation Watering

During very dry weather, it is just as important to water your foundation as it is to water your grass and plants. This is especially true if you have a shallow foundation, that is one that is only about 30" deep.

What can happen if the ground is too dry? The soil can actually dry out so much, that it can fall and the weight of the house pushes the foundation down. Resulting in a foundation crack. How do you stop that? You water the foundation.

One way of watering the foundation is to place a soaker hose around the building and let it run for a day or so.

If you are building a new home, it is a great time to put in some drain pipe down by the footer. Surround the foundation with the pipe, making sure the drain holes are facing down. At some point, bring a filler tube up to the surface. Then when it is extremely dry, just place a hose in the riser pipe and let it slowly run for a day or so. That will get water right down the foundation footer.

Water around the foundation if Mother Nature is not doing the watering for free.


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