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Framing A Door Video

Hi, I'm Tim Carter and I'm here at a residential job site in New Hampshire. I want to show you a little about wall framing and wall construction and how it's done. This is what is behind the drywall in your home and you don't typically see it.

This door opening will lead to the garage, but look at the two studs running vertically on the side of the door frame. The stud away from the opening is called the King Stud. This stud runs all the way from the bottom plate to the top plate.

The other stud is called the Jack Stud. This stud is shorter and ends at the door frame header. The door header has two other 2x6's that run up and down (hidden behind the insulation). These short studs will allow support for the floor joists that will run above them.

So the interior Jack Stud is like a support column for the header. You wouldn't want to depend on just nails driven through the studs to support that weight.

That is a quick overview of the door framing behind the drywall in your home. Window framing is almost the same.


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