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Framing Square Angles Video

When most people talk about power tools, they talk about circular saws and drills. But there is another powerful tool out there. It is the framing square!

What does it allow you to do? Lots of things. Most importantly, these allow you to cut roof rafters. This is needed for building a dog house, home roof, room addition or a garage.

How do they work? The framing square consists of two legs. The thinner leg is called the tongue. The fatter arm is the body of the square. The tongue is usually 16" long and the body 24".

Knowing the pitch of the roof you want to build, for example 4" of rise in 12" of run or 12" in 12", you use the framing square to make your marks. Holding the square on the lumber, the proper slope lines can be made on the piece.

Get a saw, a framing square and some scrap lumber and give it a try. In no time, you will be cutting roof rafters.


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