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You know my central vacuum cleaner is a wonderful tool and it sucks a tremendous amount of air from the inside of my house and puts it outdoors. But what happens how do I get that air back inside the house?

You may not have a central vacuum in your home but I'll bet you there's a good chance you've got a clothes dryer, you might have a bathroom exhaust fan, how about a kitchen exhaust fan?

What about a gas water heater a gas furnace maybe even a fireplace. All of those things when they operate they consume air out of your home and if you've got a home that's a modern one that's built maybe within the last fifteen years, they're very tight.

You can actually create a situation called back drafting.

This is a handy item that provides the makeup air you need in your home. It looks a lot like an oversized dryer vent. It has an intake area that's on the outside of your home, but on the inside of the home, it has two pipes. One of these supplies air directly into the cold air return of your furnace and the other one provides combustion air for your appliances.

These inexpensive makeup air units are vital for your home especially if it's a newer one that's built very tight the backdrafting that I talked about. It can happen when you operate one of those fans and you might actually pull carbon monoxide back into your home down through a chimney. Don't let it happen to you get one of these things as soon as possible.

I'm Tim from AsktheBuilder.com. If you want to discover more home-improvement tips, go to AsktheBuilder.com.

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