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Frost Line Podcast

Frost Line - Be Sure Foundation is Lower!

This is the 3rd podcast in a large series that follows the construction of Tim Carter’s daughter’s new home in Downeast Maine. In this podcast, Tim talks about how you need to know the depth to which frost penetrates the soil where you build.

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It's important to realize that frost can heave an entire house into the air causing serious structural damage. Your foundation needs to be below the frost level in your area.

This podcast is short, just under six minutes. Look at the drawings and video below to understand the importance of frost line depth.

frost line

The dashed lines represent the frost line in different parts of the USA. It can be a few inches or a few feet! Copyright 2018 Tim Carter

frost line

The bottom of the hole where the footing foundations are located is below the local frost line. Look at the original soil line above the forms in the rear of the structure. Copyright 2018 Tim Carter

Frost Line - Don't Ignore It - Dig Deep | AsktheBuilder.com
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Frost Line - Don't Ignore It - Dig Deep | AsktheBuilder.com
The frost line is the depth to which the soil freezes in your area. Your house foundation must be dug below this line in the soil.
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